Green for the Win

Growing up, if we wanted to go somewhere, we’d have to walk or ride our bikes. My friends and I used to walk to school each day, rain or shine, and ride our bikes to the park or to the corner store if our parents sent us out on errands. Some of my best childhood memories are of the jokes and stories my friends and I would tell and the adventures we’d find ourselves in on our way to and from the park.

Pop Cans

When I was in grade 10, my geography teacher was kind enough to help us start a recycling program at our school. We were the “Clean Team.” Back then, it was just pop cans, but it was a start. It was our mission to make sure that not a single pop was found in the garbage. We made posters, transformed garbage cans into makeshift recycling bins and made a monthly trip to Zubick’s Scrap Metal to turn our tin into cash.