Built for the environment,

and for you!

When people think of sustainable living, first thoughts usually jump to recycling, reusable shopping bags, and energy-efficient light bulbs; however, here at West 5, we believe that sustainability means so much more than simply reducing waste and conserving energy – although that’s certainly part of it!

Sustainability, at its core, means to live in a way that allows our needs to be met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs – this is something our West 5 community prides itself on.

Praised as one of the most advanced Smart, Net Zero Communities in the world, we are inspired to continue creating a groundbreaking community built for today and tomorrow.

father and daughter hands holding soil and plant

Being a Net Zero community is one of our greatest joys. It means we’re able to produce the same amount of renewable, clean energy as we use! Every office space, home and apartment complex in West 5 is designed with sustainability in mind.

So much so, that Hēlio was named the most energy-efficient, high-performance building in Canada! Hēlio’s solar panels can harness enough energy to power 100 homes for one year! That’s a lot of sunshine, and a lot of energy.

Although our ability to be energy-efficient and self-sufficient is impressive, it’s only a small part of what makes West 5 such a unique community.
sustainability kids

Buildings are made efficient through careful planning and solar panels, but it is our community members that truly make it possible for West 5 to live as sustainably as we do! It’s because of the individuals who proudly call West 5 home, that we’re able to offer such a wide variety of state-of-the-art conveniences that are both environmentally conscious and sustainable.

sustainability flowers

From a thriving honey-bee colony and living-walls that help with air purification and ambient temperature, to community gardens and composting, each and every aspect of West 5 is designed and built with the intention of being environmentally conscious and SMART. It’s not just because that’s what’s good for the planet, but it’s good for our growing community, too!

sustainability compost

For many, making the decision to be more environmentally conscious, and lead a sustainable lifestyle, ultimately begins with the Three R’s – Reduce what you can, Reuse when you’re able, and Recycle the rest. Living by these principles is a wonderful start, and can greatly contribute to decreasing the impact you have on the environment; however, imagine the difference it would make to live in a home capable of producing enough solar energy to power itself Consider the benefits of breaking down food-waste into the very nutrients that help to grow the fruits and vegetables upon your table. Picture yourself in a thriving community that’s been designed and built for the future.

sustainability pavilion

The first step in reducing your carbon footprint is knowing you’re leaving one behind. The second is deciding to do something about it! Here at West 5, we truly believe that it’s a choice to lead a sustainable lifestyle; and it’s a choice we make every day. Some days it’s easy to take those little steps and reduce the overall impact you have on the environment, other days it can be daunting; but just know, when you make the conscious decision to do something about your carbon footprint, future generations will thank you for the positive impact you’ve made!