More than
just a neighbourhood!

Long before breaking ground, our team at Sifton dreamed of building and nurturing a community in which buildings were capable of powering themselves, local businesses could thrive and its residents found, not just a house, but a home. To put it simply, we wanted to design a groundbreaking community centred around sustainability and the human experience. So that’s just what we did!

We took our dream and made it a reality! West 5: A state-of-the-art, one-of-a-kind community, designed to harness the power of the sun, and help foster genuine human connections. And what was once only a dream, is now a thriving community known for being both unique and progressive, not just for its buildings and their self-sufficiency, but also for the amenities offered to our residents.

Happy friends celebrating the success with high five
Solar panel and sun

Designing the most energy-efficient, high-performance apartment building in Canada, was no easy task; and the West 5 family takes great pride in knowing Hēlio is 77% more efficient than similar residential buildings.

And yet buildings and houses – regardless of how energy-efficient, or cutting edge – make neighbourhoods, while the people, spaces and experiences create communities.

The difference may be subtle, but we believe that a neighbourhood is somewhere to live, while a community is somewhere to belong.

A community is a place that allows individuals who share common attitudes, interests, and goals to flourish and thrive, together. Which is why, when designing West 5 and its shared spaces, every choice made was done so with community in mind.

That means that regardless of where home is located – whether it be in Hēlio, Riverstone, or in one of our many townhomes –  or if you happen to spend your 9-5 in The Sifton Centre or at 1305 Riverbend, amenities designed to support and encourage a sense of community are never far away!

From fitness centres and yoga studios, to community gardens and trails, West 5 offers a little bit of everything, because we know that, just like our residents, communities are – and should be – unique!

Feel good about your community and what it can do, not just for the environment, but for you, too. Come home to West 5, where you can help save the environment, simply by being a part of it.