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riverstone retiree apartments west 5

Riverstone introduces a collection of independent, retiree apartment designs that have been created just for you. Fully equipped suites, worry-free living and community amenities to ensure you are living your best. Learn more about the vibrant retiree lifestyle at Riverstone.

West 5 is not just about the technology and the environment. It’s about connecting people. Legacy Square will be the heartbeat of the community, a 1.6 acre central park that will be home to recreational programs, special events, and seasonal activities.

Events at  West 5 are BACK!

Events at West 5 provide the unique opportunity to connect with friends and neighbours in the community! From beer tastings to fitness demonstrations, we’re so excited to learn and enjoy new things together. Check out our Events Page to see what’s happening!

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London's first neighbourhood powered by the sun

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