A Look Back at 2018

What a year 2018 was at Sifton, our 95th to be exact.  We have learned and incorporated so many new things into our way of life. We wanted to build a better community for the future, one that is more sustainable and environmentally conscious, and the development of West 5 has shown what we’re truly capable of when we work together.

Hello Helio and 1305 Riverbend

Hot on the heels of opening Ontario’s first net zero energy commercial building – the Sifton Centre – and phase one of our net zero townhomes (now 77% leased), we’re breaking ground on two exciting new additions to our sustainable community: 1305 Riverbend, a 40,000 square office/retail building, and “Helio”, a 10 storey, 115-unit apartment building with ground floor retail space.


I’m very excited to announce that the West 5 Discovery Centre is now open to the public!

This state-of-the art interactive space is designed to showcase the sophistication behind the science of West 5. We’ll use this space to educate, to entertain and to share our community vision and values with your family.

Back to School

Though it’s been some time since I returned to school I always get a little rush of excitement as September approaches and we prepare to leave the lazy days of summer behind. Looking back, I can vividly remember the anticipation of the first day.

Moving Into West 5

One of things I enjoy most about our new office in the Sifton Centre here at West 5 is how we can watch everything grow. The minute you walk onto the third floor you can get a sense of how this community is coming to life. You can easily take in the expanse of the community, the backdrop of greenery and, best of all, the near-completion of the first block of townhomes! We’ve watched these sleek sun-powered homes change and come to life, day by day.

Throwback to Oakridge Acres

It’s been over a month since we moved into our new home in the Sifton Centre. The drive west down Oxford always hits me with a wave of nostalgia when I get to Oakridge Acres, Canada’s First Planned Community and one of my dad’s proudest achievements.
The design of this community was well before my time, in the fifties. My dad had just incorporated Sifton and the economy was in an upswing. Families were getting bigger and needed homes and communities built to last.

New Year, New Home

It’s official! This year, the Sifton team and I have gone green(er!) with our move to West 5! This move is very bittersweet. 195 Dufferin has been our home for twenty years and I love being downtown. I’m honoured and humbled to have had the opportunity to help transform downtown London over the years, including the construction of our iconic and beloved One London Place. This part of the city has transformed us as much as we’ve transformed it.