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for visiting The Sifton Centre!

We hope you enjoyed your visit to the first office building located in Ontario’s only Net Zero Community! What does Net Zero mean? It means that the Sifton Centre has been built with advanced and innovative technologies that give it the potential to generate as much energy as it uses in a year. This is the philosophy that we will take throughout West 5 in both residential and commercial buildings. Learn more about the advanced technology used in the building!

Solar Panels

The Sifton Centre has 524 solar panel modules. 336 modules are on the roof, with the remaining panels mounted on the west, east and south side of the building. They generate 174,000 kwh/year of energy, which is enough to power 15 houses for an entire year.

Rain Water Harvesting

Harvested rainwater is stored and collected underground and is used to flush our toilets and urinals.
The third floor alone is saving 14,000 litres of treated City of London water per month.


Dynamic Glass

Windows on the east, west and south side of the building are Dynamic Glass that automatically tint based on outside conditions (cloud cover, sunlight). The level of tint can be adjusted using simple wall controls or by a smartphone. In the summer, this reduces solar heat gain so less air conditioning is required to cool the building. In the winter months, the tint is lighter to allow solar heat into the space, decreasing the amount of heat used to keep the building warm. The Dynamic Glass also helps to reduce the glares on computers.

Eco Printer

The e-STUDIO 306LP/RD30 houses Intelligent Green MFP Technology with a built-in erasing system, that allows us to refill the paper tray up to five times with the same paper. Alongside this reusable paper, we use erasable Frixion Pens.


Height Adjustable Desks

Height adjustable desks allow our employees to either sit or stand with a touch of a button. This feature makes the desk more ergonomic as the settings are easily customizable. The desks also include a light switch that turns powers down everything at the workstation to reduce phantom energy use. Finally, each employee uses a laptops to help save energy as compared to larger tower and can move freely to different work areas or meeting rooms in the office.

Mitsubishi VRF Unit

The Mitsubishi VRF (Variant Refrigerant Flow) Unit gives us the ability to maintain individual zone control in each room and each floor of the building it by pulling excess heat/cold air from one area and distributing to another. This reduces the cost of piping and decreases the complexity of the installation process.


Energy Star Appliances

With a fully equipped kitchen and state of the art Energy Star Appliances, the Plaza is a great spot for all employees to gather and enjoy lunch. The Samsung FlexZone™ fridge allows 1 of the 4 compartments to be easily converted from fridge to freezer with the touch of a button, allowing flexibility and energy savings. The Samsung Chef Collection dishwasher has a half-load setting that allows us to fill and clean just the top or the bottom zone, saving water with each load. The Samsung Flex Duo™ oven has upper and lower cooking zones that can be used independently or together – saving time and energy while we prepare a staff feast!

Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer

The Dyson Airblade hand dryer saves over 5100 sheets of paper hand towels per month. That’s 76% less CO2 emissions compared to other hand drying solutions.


Living Wall

Sifton Centre boasts a 2 storey green wall which is not only a beautiful feature to look at, but improves air quality as a natural filter metabolizing harmful toxins while releasing oxygen into the air. Every 1 square metre of living wall filters 100 cubic metres of airspace at the Sifton Centre. Our living wall also reduces energy costs; cooling the air in the summer months by a process called evapotranspiration. The living wall also reduces noise levels by naturally blocking high-frequency sounds and reflecting, refracting and absorbing acoustic energy.

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