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Building Ontario’s most sustainable community is not about what you put into it, it’s about what you get out of it. Through design and technology West 5 will maximize the potential of the natural elements to minimize the draw on resources needed for everyday life. For example, solar panels not only keep you dry, but they generate electricity, thus reducing energy costs. Similarly, solar parkades keep your car dry and cool, while powering the community. Electric Vehicle chargers make it easier to own an electric vehicle and reduce gasoline consumption. Utilizing high performance road surfaces help melt snow and ice faster, which means less salt. This groundbreaking initiative will start with the creation of Sifton’s Head Office, a state-of-the-art building that is being designed and constructed to power itself. This is about creating the most amazing lifestyle that you can enjoy today and tomorrow.

The Sifton Centre is home to 2 hives and 100,000 honey bees. Our bees re-connect us to nature, provide valuable education about our food system and teach us the importance of a sustainable lifestyle – all while pollinating hearts and minds!

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Community Gardens
Solar Streetlights
Solar Parkades
Green Roof
Solar Panels
EV Charging Stations