Thanks Mother Nature

Thanksgiving is upon us. A time for gathering with family and friends, enjoying delicious food and giving thanks for everything you have.

Unfortunately, the holiday can be quite wasteful. As you contemplate all that you’re thankful for this year, here are a few ways to show your thanks to Mother Nature.

Plastic World

While the majority of people have embraced recycling and waste reduction, there are still a number of items we use every day that unfortunately get tossed in the trash. The biggest culprit? Plastic. Here at West 5 we’ve put a lot of thought into making the neighbourhood as sustainable as possible. We know that small changes can have a huge impact.

SMART Gadgets for your home

These days it seems as though there’s a gadget for everything. Unfortunately, many of these gadgets are short-lived, or even disposable. The good news is that with the growing movement towards waste reduction and a connected lifestyle, technology designers are working hard to create devices that are both useful and sustainable.

Your Ride – Powered By the Sun

Sleek. Sustainable. Sophisticated. It’s what we expect from all our electronics, appliances, homes and even our offices. At West 5, our vehicles are no exception. We don’t just want to live green; we want to drive green, too. Electric Vehicles (or EVs) produce zero tailpipe emissions and significantly minimize environmental impact. They’re well worth the investment and are set to replace traditional vehicles within the next few decades.

Trash the Trashcan

At West 5, you’ll have a hard time finding a trashcan. The strong presence of recycling bins throughout the neighbourhood sets the tone for sustainability at West 5. That’s because the minimal waste lifestyle is the way of the future. It’s pragmatic. It’s visionary. And it’s something you can start today.

Ditch the Gym, Keep the Resolution

We’ve already sprung into March and, for most of us, any New Year’s Resolutions we made are now just very distant memories.
But soon the breeze is will get warmer and the trees will become greener, making it a great time to take a fresh new look at our fitness-related resolutions.