Car Sharing

Car Sharing

The Sunday drive has been a long cherished tradition in many families. I remember when my grandparents would squeeze us kids into the back seat for a scenic drive out into the country. We had a favourite spot where we always stopped for homemade ice cream. It was the journey, not the destination. It was telling jokes, playing “I spy”, and racing to eat our double-fudge scoop before it melted on a hot summer’s day.

Family Cottage

The Family Cottage

When I was young, our family had an annual tradition, at the beginning of each spring we would load up the station wagon and drive up to my Uncle’s cottage in Grand Bend. It was sort of our way to say good-bye to winter and hello to more sunshine and fairer weather. The cottage was built in the early 1900’s and it retained a lot of its character and charm throughout the years.

Earth Hour Dragon

Earth Hour Dragons

Although we never officially called it “Earth Hour”, our family has a tradition of turning out the house lights, sitting on our front porch. We often looked up to the stars and would compete with each other to see which constellations we could find, the Big Dipper was always the easiest to spot, but my favourite was Draco, the Dragon.

this will change everything


Feel the energy. West 5. The most visionary, experiential lifestyle destination. Ever. It will change everything. How you work, shop, live, play and get inspired. West 5 is innovative and sustainable, connected, interconnected and in tune with your lifestyle.

NETZERO the future of housing

NET ZERO: the Future of Housing

This is the future of housing and it’s called Net Zero. By producing as much energy – or more – than it uses, a Net Zero energy home is the pinnacle of energy efficiency; high performance, high quality homes and renewable energy coming together in a building trend that will be the future of how communities are created.