Plastic World

While the majority of people have embraced recycling and waste reduction, there are still a number of items we use every day that unfortunately get tossed in the trash. The biggest culprit? Plastic. Here at West 5 we’ve put a lot of thought into making the neighbourhood as sustainable as possible. We know that small changes can have a huge impact.

Back to School

Though it’s been some time since I returned to school I always get a little rush of excitement as September approaches and we prepare to leave the lazy days of summer behind. Looking back, I can vividly remember the anticipation of the first day.

SMART Gadgets for your home

These days it seems as though there’s a gadget for everything. Unfortunately, many of these gadgets are short-lived, or even disposable. The good news is that with the growing movement towards waste reduction and a connected lifestyle, technology designers are working hard to create devices that are both useful and sustainable.