Your Ride – Powered By the Sun

Sleek. Sustainable. Sophisticated. It’s what we expect from all our electronics, appliances, homes and even our offices. At West 5, our vehicles are no exception. We don’t just want to live green; we want to drive green, too. Electric Vehicles (or EVs) produce zero tailpipe emissions and significantly minimize environmental impact. They’re well worth the investment and are set to replace traditional vehicles within the next few decades.

Moving Into West 5

One of things I enjoy most about our new office in the Sifton Centre here at West 5 is how we can watch everything grow. The minute you walk onto the third floor you can get a sense of how this community is coming to life. You can easily take in the expanse of the community, the backdrop of greenery and, best of all, the near-completion of the first block of townhomes! We’ve watched these sleek sun-powered homes change and come to life, day by day.