Thanks Mother Nature

Thanksgiving is upon us. A time for gathering with family and friends, enjoying delicious food and giving thanks for everything you have.

Unfortunately, the holiday can be quite wasteful. As you contemplate all that you’re thankful for this year, here are a few ways to show your thanks to Mother Nature.


I’m very excited to announce that the West 5 Discovery Centre is now open to the public!

This state-of-the art interactive space is designed to showcase the sophistication behind the science of West 5. We’ll use this space to educate, to entertain and to share our community vision and values with your family.

Plastic World

While the majority of people have embraced recycling and waste reduction, there are still a number of items we use every day that unfortunately get tossed in the trash. The biggest culprit? Plastic. Here at West 5 we’ve put a lot of thought into making the neighbourhood as sustainable as possible. We know that small changes can have a huge impact.

Back to School

Though it’s been some time since I returned to school I always get a little rush of excitement as September approaches and we prepare to leave the lazy days of summer behind. Looking back, I can vividly remember the anticipation of the first day.

SMART Gadgets for your home

These days it seems as though there’s a gadget for everything. Unfortunately, many of these gadgets are short-lived, or even disposable. The good news is that with the growing movement towards waste reduction and a connected lifestyle, technology designers are working hard to create devices that are both useful and sustainable.